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F.  Re-Issue 

F1.  Grounds for Re-issue
F1.1:  Can you seek re-issue just to add a narrower claim?
B2  S 
B2.1 Is  
A3.  Obviousness -- 35 USC 103

F1.  Grounds for Reissue

B1.1:  Can you seek reissue just to add a narrower claim in order to hedge against possible invalidity of original claims?

You can as of Re Yasuhito Tanaka (Fed. Cir. 2011)  CAFC, 10-1262, Apr.2011. 
 BPAI said an assertion of inoperativeness or invaldity was required.  But CAFC reversed.  Patentee can file a reissue appl. simply to add new claims.

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B2.  Paragraph 1-- Support

B2.1:  Is 




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