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The web is chock-full of information on intellectual property, patents, and the patenting process.  Here are some of the sites that may be of interest to you.  

Don't take this listing as any kind of recommendation, for by listing a site I am not making any representations as to the competency or integrity of the entity advertising the services.  I have not personally used the services of all of the providers of these sites.  Most of them are listed here by virtue of their being a source of patent information.

Providing lots of links can be problematic because they are always going dead on you.  I try to keep up on them, but I'd appreciate it if you would send me a message if you find any other links that I ought to add or if any of these go dead.

Government sites and U.S. patent laws/regulations. www.uspto.gov - Home page for the Patent Office

Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP), Version 8 -- The PTO's online Procedures Manual.

37 CFR Rules of Practice -- Easy access to the patent rules of practice published in Code of Federal Regulations.  PDF -- requires Adobe.

www.ftc.gov/search -- Federal Trade Commission, where you can find a list of questionable "invention development companies."

Free patent fetchers and search sites Pat2PDF  -- fetches a US patent or application in .pdf format if you know the number.  

Patent Lens  -- search patents/applications around the world and fetch in .pdf

Google Patents -- search US patents/applications and fetch in .pdf.

USPTO -- search US patent/application database, but you can't get easy to handle .pdf format.
Inventors' help sites Nolo.com -- DIY law and patent books

IdeaRights.com -- A summary of ways to protect intellectual property.
Marketing and evaluation organizations


  Wisconsin Innovation Service Center

 Inventor Services .com

 The Entrepreneur Network

 Washington Small Business Development Center
Other small firms or solo agents and attorneys who offer free IP information and ideas.   www.webpatent.com       www.patent-ideas.com

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