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The USPTO Fee Schedule (partial)


Most years in October the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office revises its fees, rarely downwards.  The latest fees are provided online at The table below provides some of the most common fees. All fees listed are for small entities -- individuals, non-profit organizations, and small companies.  In most cases a large entity pays double.

Last updated: Nov06.2012



Regular utility patent application filing fee for not more than 20 claims or 3 independent claims (paid upon filing regular application)


Provisional utility patent application filing fee (paid upon filing provisional application)


Patent issue fee (paid when patent is granted)


1st patent maintenance fee (paid at 3.5 years after patent granted)


2nd patent maintenance fee (paid at 7.5 years after patent granted)


3rd patent maintenance fee (paid at 11.5 years after patent granted)


Trademark application filing fee (per class, paid upon filing application) $375 

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